Travelguide of Amsterdam































































- easily accessible
- dense public transport network
- easy access by bike
- taxi is expensive and unfriendly
- metro unsuitable for tourists
type of transport
Taxi (Airport Schiphol - Center)
Train (Schiphol Airport - Center)
Taxi (ride in the city 3 km)
Tram (day ticket)
Bicycle (rental per day)
average price
25 min
20 min
10 min
Getting to Amsterdam
Amsterdam is easily accessible either by plane, train or car.

By plane
Airport Schiphol, the 15th largest airport in the world, is nearby. There are more than 300 cities from where you can fly to Amsterdam. A taxi ride from the airport to the city center will cost you 45. The train costs 5. You must then still further by tram or bus.

By train
From the south, Amsterdam also easy accesable by train. Count on 3.5 hours from Paris, 2 hours from Brussels, and 2.5 hours from Cologne. From the north (eg Hamburg) is accessibility a lot less. You must frequently move and has a relatively long travel time. All Dutch and International trains visit

By car
Amsterdam is easily accessible by car from all directions. The parking of the car is a crime. One day parking costs 45. To save costs, you can park your car at a P + R car park on the edge of the city continue. This costs 8 per day and you get a free public transport day ticket there. More info on P+R
Transportation in Amsterdam
Almost all tourist attractions are in the center
One advantage of Amsterdam is that almost all tourist attractions can be foundin the city-center. This center is not very large, but don't be fooled by the distance, if you want to walk everything. That can cost you precious time.

By tram you can go anywhere
By the dense tram network you get almost anywhere in Amsterdam. The trams are modern, clean and do not cost too much money. Also, you almost never have to wait long. A single ride costs 3. And a day ticket costs 7.50. More info on

Tip: rent a bike
Almost every citizen of Amsterdam owns a bike. And why shouldn't you? A bike is the fastest and easiest means of transport. don't copy the behaviour of the locals who don't stop for trafiic lights. You don't master the skills (yet). Renting a bike costs about 12 per day. Search for 'bicycle rental Amsterdam' on the internet.
The taxi is expensive
Sometimes there are exceptions
Taxis in Amsterdam have lost their good name. They are quite expensive and the driver sometimes detours. 'Kindness' is a word, that most taxi drivers do not know. Yet there are fortunately still positive exceptions. We hope you find such a driver. If possible, take the ordinary public transport. It saves you money and possible frustration.