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Sleeping and parking is quite pricey

- most hotels near tourist areas
- enough choice
- overnight is expensive
- quality of accommodations is often disappointing
Average price
115 per room
20 per person
50 per person
10 per person
Sleeping and parking is quite pricey
To start with the bad news, sleeping in Amsterdam is expensive. A plus is that most hotels can be found near tourist areas. You will never have far to travel to and from your hotel room. Peak season is from Easter to early September. This means higher prices and less choice. Parking is very expensive in Amsterdam. Most hotels do not have private parking. Count on approximately 45 per day for additional parking fees. Or use P+R. Park your car on the outskirts of the city for a low amount per day. And travel by public transport to the center.
400 hotels from basic to luxurious
Amsterdam has around 400 hotels, most of which are in the center. In the center are the most attractions and nightlife.

Budget hotels
Budget hotels are usually in a good location, but have relatively small rooms. And sometimes no shower and / or toilet in the room. Often there are no elevators, so that via a steep staircase to upstairs. It is good to find a budget hotel at great price-quality ratio. Often too much for the room, but regularly makes friendly and helpful staff a lot. Up to 90.

Mid-range Hotels
Mid-range hotels are generally modern. And generally adequate care. The staff is often somewhat impersonal. The price can only really add up. 90 to 200.

Top Hotels
Now the wallet really open. Many luxury and all facilities. Expect prices from 200.

How to find a good hotel? is a very good hotel comparison. Which you will find most hotels of Amsterdam. If you have found a hotel, then read some reviews on the hotel.,, and provide sufficient information too.

Some hotels are NOT affiliated with the above booking sites. These are often family hotels. Which usually are run with love and where you often value for money. On, these hotels again be mentioned. On this site you can back the prices of hotel comparison compare. Looking for the lowest price.
Hostels: cheap and cozy sleeping
Hostels are simple sleeping facilities which often several people in 1 room sleeping. There are also additional charge double rooms to book.

Search hostels on the following websites:
Opt for adventure on the campsite
There are three campsites in Amsterdam. And even more in the near Amsterdam. Camping Zeeburg is closest to the center. You can rent bikes. Count on about 20 minutes by bike or 35 minutes by public transport to the center.