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Enough choice for everyone

- much variation
- plenty of opportunities to go out
- reasonable prices
- service is not always fast and friendly
Main meal
Average price
What do people from Amsterdam eat and drink?
The people form Amsterdam generally eat pretty healthy. The foreign kitchens have a major impact on the daily diet. Virtually every Amsterdammer will eat each week : Italian, Indonesian or Surinamese food.

- is around at 7 till 8 o'clock.
- consists of coffee or tea. Bread with cheese or cold meats.

- is around 12 till to 1 o'clock
- includes coffee, tea or milk. Bread with cheese or cold meats.

- is around 6 a 7 o'clock
- and consists of meat, potatoes and vegetables. Or a meal with rice or pasta.
Typical Amsterdam dishes
From the following dishes only beef sausage (Dutch: ossenworst) is typical Amsterdam food. The other dishes are typically Dutch.

beef sausage (Dutch:ossenworst): lean beef moulted. Usually siege for a sandwich at lunch.
Croquette (Dutch: kroket): fried snack with soft meat sauce and crispy outside. Often in combination with a white roll. Can be eaten throughout the day. Buy at the FEBO or a lunchroom.
Raw herring (Dutch: rauwe haring): raw fish. buy at the fish stall.
Pancake (Dutch: pannenkoek): Dutch eat pancakes usually as an evening meal. Both sweet with apple or raisins. Or for example with bacon and/or cheese.
Stew (Dutch: stamppot): mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables such as endive, kale or carrots. Often in combination with a smoked sausage.
Rookworst: a spiced smoked pork sausage. Contains a lot of fat. For sale at store HEMA
Indonesian food: spicy dishes from the former Dutch colony of Indonesia.
Where are the food, drinks and the entertainment?
Leidseplain: tourist area with many visitors and terraces in good weather. Plenty of cafes and eateries
Rembrandtplein: slightly less touristy area with lots of cafes.
The Red light districts: very touristy. Many sex-tents. And cafes and coffee shops
Jordaan: more locals. Socializing with often authentic Amsterdam cafes and restaurants
De Pijp: more locals. Attracts many yuppies too. Plenty of eateries and cafes.

You can find reviews of restaurants at A fairly reliable site.