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  De Negen Straatjes in Amsterdam

De Negen Straatjes 

Shopping areain Amsterdam90 minutenfree
'Mix of all kinds of original shops in 9 streets.'
Very pleasant shopping with original shops in the western part of the canals. Is becoming more commercialized, but nevertheless still worth visiting
- mix of mostly original shops
- atmospheric environment through narrow streets and canals
- athmosphere is becoming more commercial
Our review of De Negen Straatjes

Alternately shopping area in the Centre

The Nine Streets is a shopping area in the western part of the canals. The area is a mix of shops with 2nd hand stuff, restaurants and café’s (both traditionally and hip), flagship stores of trendy brands and shops with a special offer.

Pressure of commerce

The Nine Streets are many hailed by the media because of the fun and original shops. Now the bigger brands have also found this area, the whole atmosphere got more more commercial. Nevertheless, there are still relatively few store chains to find. The nine streets despite that it is becoming more commercialized, still a recommendable.
Facts of De Negen Straatjes
  (Good)      3/5
Shopping area
Duration of visit
90 minuten
Degree of crowds
Amount of visitors
no data 
Opening days
Usually every day.
Opening hours
Usually from 11am - 6pm. Check the website
Reestraat, Berenstraat, Runstraat
  De Negen Straatjes in Amsterdam
  De Negen Straatjes in Amsterdam