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  Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam

Hortus Botanicus 

Museumin Amsterdam60 minutes 8,50
'Botanical garden with many plants and trees. Few flowers.'
Not a large botanical garden with many plants and trees. Also different greenhouses. Few flowers. Nice moment of tranquility in the busy city.
- beautiful design
- more than 6000 plants and trees
- relatively small garden
- not much information in English
Our review of Hortus Botanicus

Lots of trees and plants, but no flowers

The Hortus Botanicus is a garden with plants and trees. There are also some flowers, but don't expect a flowers show. The garden originated in the 17th century to develop medicines by pharmacists. Later supplemented with a variety of plants that were taken from far sea voyages.

Walk through several greenhouses and outdoors

You see most of the plants and trees in the outdoors, but also in a number of greenhouses. Including one with butterflies. Different climate zones in the greenhouses are exposed. The fine, park-like structure gives some variation within the garden, despite the small size of the Hortus Botanicus.

Information can be brought more cohesive

Pity that not all information plates are also in English. Now it is more difficult for tourists to know what kind of plant one looks. And what kind of plant that has special properties. Missed opportunity. Also, the information which can be brought more structured so that a more coherent whole is created.

Rest point in the busy city

For anyone with any interest in plants and natural is nice to walk around by the Hortus Botanicus. And just outside to relax in the din of the city.
Facts of Hortus Botanicus
  (Good)      3/5
Duration of visit
60 minutes
Degree of crowds
Amount of visitors
138.000 (2010)
Opening days
Every day
Opening hours
10am - 5pm
Plantage Middenlaan 2a
+31 (0) 20-6259021
  Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam
  Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam