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  Het Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam

Het Scheepvaartmuseum  (Maritime Museum)

Museumin Amsterdam2,5 hours 15,00
Fantastic renovated museum about the shipping.'
You see everything about shipping from a Dutch point of view. Entertaining and modern museum in a beautiful old building. Get yourself on the 17th century replica of a merchant ship that is outside.
- look inside a 17th century ship
- modern and accessible exhibition
- beautiful building
- very clumsy signs
- little line in exhibition
Our review of Het Scheepvaartmuseum

Beautiful renovated building

This wonderfully renovated museum covers all aspects of Dutch shipping. From the historical perspective Amsterdam has an important role. Het Scheepvaartmuseum (The maritime museum) is located in a monumental building, which has been recently been renovated. The courtyard is beautifully covered and it looks all very good.

Reserve 2 to 3 hours

A visit takes quite some time. Count on 2 to 3 hours. The highlight is the replica of a 17th century merchant ship. You can view the VOC-ship itself. If you do this first, you have the highlight in your pocket. And you can shorten your visit because of lack of time, yet without this climax to miss.

Exhibition with the latest gadgets

In het Scheepvaart museum (the Maritime Museum) are several rooms decorated according to theme. You can find themed rooms include whaling, marine paintings, commercial, model ships and globes. The latest audio visual techniques are used. Such as the projection of a globe on a large movie canvas, so you can view all sides of the globe well. Pity then again that there is only 1 movie screen present. . In busy times, you never seem to turn. This combination of the many historical artefacts and modern audio-visual techniques provides a good mix of pleasant present. This makes the museum also attractive for the visitor who has less interest in shipping. A good choice of the museum.

Little line in exhibition

A disadvantage is that the content of the audio-visual presentations is not much and fragmentary. There is often no line in the exhibition. The visitor has a lot to see in het Scheepvaart Museum ( Maritime Museum). But once outside the story behind it is almost forgotten. This is unfortunate, but not insurmountable.

A visit seems sometimes a puzzle tour

In busy times, Het Scheepvaart Museum (Maritime Museum) can hardly handle the crowds. And the signs' is poorly un-Dutch. It often seems more like a puzzle journey. All in all, it is a modern museum with a very entertaining exhibition. Here you are a full morning or afternoon busy. Take enough time to enjoy.
Facts of Het Scheepvaartmuseum
  (Good)      3/5
Duration of visit
2,5 hours
English, Dutch
Degree of crowds
Amount of visitors
476.397 (2012)
Opening days
Every day. Closed january 1, april 20, december 25
Opening hours
9am - 5pm
Kattenburgerplein 1
+31 (0) 20 5232222
  Het Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam
  Het Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam
  Het Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam