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  Amsterdam Tulip Museum in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tulip Museum 

Museumin Amsterdam20 minutes 6,00
'Very small museum with everything about tulips'
All about tulips in this very small, but quite nice set-up museum. This somewhat disappointing because of the small design.
- professionally designed
- very small
Our review of Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Small museum and good souvenir shop

The Amsterdam Tulip museum is a very small museum about tulips in front of the Anne Frank House. On the ground floor is a good souvenir shop with lots of space for tulips and related articles. Downstairs in the basement you will find the museum, but it is not more than a large basement space. You walk there through initially.

Set up professionally

The person who takes the effort to go to the museum, notes that the Amsterdam Tulip Museum is set up professionally. Therefore you get lots of information about Tulips: the history, the tulips mania in the 17th century until of course the production process.

Foreign tourists will like this

Foreign tourists will find The Amsterdam Tulip Museum probably more appealing than the Dutch. All in all, the museum is set up nice. Too bad it is so small.
Facts of Amsterdam Tulip Museum
  (Fair)      2/5
Duration of visit
20 minutes
English, Dutch
Degree of crowds
Amount of visitors
no data 
Opening days
Every day. Closed on april 30 and december 25
Opening hours
10am - 6 pm
Prinsengracht 112
+31 (0)20 421 00 95
  Amsterdam Tulip Museum in Amsterdam
  Amsterdam Tulip Museum in Amsterdam