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  Portugese Israelische Synagoge in Amsterdam

Portugese Israelische Synagoge 

Churchin Amsterdam30 minutes 12,00
'Beautiful and large synagogue near Waterlooplein.'
Beautiful and large synagogue near Waterlooplein. Not very much to see. Excellent, but very detailed audio tour brings building to live.
- Beautiful large synagogue
- Excellent audio tour
- not much to see
Our review of Portugese Israelische Synagoge

Once the largest Synagogue in the world

This is a great Portuguese Israeli synagogue from the 17th century. Situated close to the Waterlooplein. At delivery it was the largest Synagogue in the world. The building has an austere look and both inside. Outside there are few notable details.

Men have a yarmulke on

The Portuguese Israeli Synagogue attracts probably more Jewish visitors than non-Jewish visitors. The male visitors are required to wear a 'yarmulke' on the head. This is free of charge. Once inside, you will notice the high ceiling and the simple decor.

Comprehensive audio tour

There is an excellent audio-tour (also free) that you very much provides detailed information. This is bring the building to live and you get a good idea of the backgrounds and stories about the Portuguese Israeli synagogue. The audio tour is very extensively for the visitors with a little less patience among us.
Facts of Portugese Israelische Synagoge
  (Good)      3/5
Duration of visit
30 minutes
English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
Degree of crowds
Amount of visitors
55.419 (2011)
Opening days
Every day. Closed saturday and Alle dagen. Gesloten op zaterdag and march 26,27; april 1,2,30; may 15,16; september 5,6,14,20,26,27
Opening hours
10am - 4pm. Friday 10am -2pm (november 1st till 1 april 1st)
Mr. Visserplein 3
+31 (0)20 5310380
  Portugese Israelische Synagoge in Amsterdam
  Portugese Israelische Synagoge in Amsterdam