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 entry of Joods Historisch Museum in Amsterdam

Joods Historisch Museum  (Jewish Historical Museum)

Museumin Amsterdam90 minutes 12,00
'Museum about the history of the Jews in the Netherlands.'
Museum of history of the Jews in the Netherlands. In beautiful complex of four synagogues. Varied and interesting exhibition.
- interesting design
- plenty of variety and lots of material
- beautiful building
- exhibition feels sometimes messy
Our review of Joods Historisch Museum

The Jewish people in the Netherlands then and now

The Jewish Historical Museum shows the history of the Jews in the Netherlands . Around 1600 the first Jews came to the Netherlands and it was not easy for them in the Netherlands. The dramatic low point is obviously the attempted extermination of the Jews by the Germans in World War II.

Formerly a synagogue

The complex of four synagogues is a museum. The buildings are beautiful inside and out. The history is still clearly recognizable. There is also a separate section specifically designed for children. The Jewish Historical Museum , apart from history, also gives insight into the culture of the Jews. And how their position was in Dutch society.

Lots to see

Much attention is paid to the variation in the exhibit. The number of films, photographs, objects and paintings make the visitor curious. This allows one to stay longer in the museum than the original plan. The whole is sometimes messy to lack of structure in the exhibition. The beautiful building and a lot of variation in the exhibition makes it worth to visit the Jewish Historical Museum.
Facts of Joods Historisch Museum
  (Good)      3/5
Duration of visit
90 minutes
English, Dutch
Degree of crowds
Amount of visitors
131.470 (2011)
Opening days
Every day. Closed september 5, 6 en 14 (2013)
Opening hours
11am - 5pm
Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1
+31 (0)20-5310310
 inside the Joods Historisch Museum in Amsterdam
 inside the Joods Historisch Museum in Amsterdam