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  Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam

Allard Pierson Museum 

Museumin Amsterdam60 minutes 10,00
'Archaeological museum of Amsterdam.'
Archaeological museum with objects from among others the Greek and Egyptian times. Good museum but a little boring by the old-fashioned design.
- good museum
- boring, old fashioned design
Our review of Allard Pierson Museum

Go back in time to mummies, ancient vases and statues

The Allard Pierson Museum is the archaeological museum of the University of Amsterdam and is located in the old headquarters of the Nederlandsche Bank. The museum has a collection of Roman, Greek, Egyptian and Italian (Etruscan) objects from the period around and before our era. Go back in time with mummies, artifacts, ancient vases and statues.

Kind of dusty museum with old-fashioned atmosphere

The Allard Pierson Museum is old fashioned and a little boring. The cabinets in which the objects are displayed look old for example. The signs explaining the objects seem to have been typed on an old fashioned typewriter. The visitor may nevertheless constitute a reasonable image itself with the explanation of life in that time and the exhibits in that perspective. Fortunately, a number of models, film and extra explanation, are a welcome change from the display cases. The museum is good, but for the young visitors it seems a bit on the boring side. Maybe renovating?
Facts of Allard Pierson Museum
  (Fair)      2/5
Duration of visit
60 minutes
English, Dutch
Discount with
Degree of crowds
Amount of visitors
81.000 (2011)
Opening days
Tuesday - sunday
Opening hours
tuesday - friday 10am - 5pm. Saturday, sunday 1pm - 5pm
Turfmarkt 127
+31 (0)20 5252556
  Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam
  Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam