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  Sexmuseum Amsterdam in Amsterdam

Sexmuseum Amsterdam  (Venustempel)

Museumin Amsterdam60 minutes 4,00
'Museum about sex. Knowledgeable and humorous charged.'
Museum about sex. Looks from the outside some seedy, but inside professional and humorous.
- could not hold attention for a long time
- humorous
- low entry price
- professional design
- 'signs' could be better
Our review of Sexmuseum Amsterdam

Exterior is some seedy, but inside professional

This museum covers a very old topic: sex. The Sexmuseum looks on the outside may be slightly seedy. Once inside the decor is neat and professional. The museum is bigger than you initially expect.

Nice laugh

The history and various forms of sex are discussed. . In addition, there are many historical objects to illustrate. Include the Roman period, Medieval and especially 20th century. The set also includes some humorous elements. There is also plenty to laugh and that sound is frequently to hear in the museum. There are many smaller spaces and stairs, which makes you sometimes not sure which route to follow. The signs could be better. At a given moment not everything is equally interesting.

Better than expected

All and all, this museum is quality better than one would expect. Well done. For most people the Sexmuseum is a fine and amusing pastime for a rainy day.
Facts of Sexmuseum Amsterdam
  (Good)      3/5
Duration of visit
60 minutes
English, Dutch
Degree of crowds
Amount of visitors
537.000 (2011)
Opening days
Every day
Opening hours
9.30am -11.30pm
Damrak 18
+31 (0)20 6228376
  Sexmuseum Amsterdam in Amsterdam
  Sexmuseum Amsterdam in Amsterdam