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 canal and bridge in Canal Belt in Amsterdam

Canal Belt  (Grachtengordel)

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'Unique combination of old houses and canals. Very atmospheric.'
Attractive combination of water, bridges and beautiful houses. Indispensable when visiting Amsterdam. For a quick visit a boat trip on the canals is ideal.
- very atmospheric by old houses, bridges and water
- almost all the original houses are still there
Our review of Canal Belt
Combination of water, bridges and beautiful houses
The canals of Amsterdam are a unique combination of old and beautiful houses from the 17th and 18th centuries which are located at different canals. The canals are 14 kilometers long. You can use the various bridges crossing the canals. The large houses, you see, serve as a home, office building, shop or restaurant. The houses look much alike, but they are all different.

Particular atmosphere
The Canal Belt has a special atmosphere, which is different each part of the day. In the early morning you will see almost no one and it's quiet. During the day the Canal Belt is getting busier. And in the dark, the illuminated canals.

Large and expensive houses
The large houses were originally intended to house and storage space for the trading of goods. Only the rich people of Amsterdam in that time could afford a house like that.

Quickly see the canals? Take a boat trip
With a boat trip you can quickly visit the canals. See Boat Trip. A long walk along the canals gives a deeper experience. You can also view various canal houses from the inside.
Look at:
Museum Willet Holthuysen
Museum van Loon
Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis

Do not forget to visit the Canal Belt
Visiting Amsterdam without seeing the canals is unthinkable. Recently, the canal is also on the list of UNESCO world heritage.
Facts of Canal Belt
  (Excellent)      5/5
Duration of visit
3 hours
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Opening days
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Singel, Herengracht, Keizergracht en Prinsengracht
 canal belt in Canal Belt in Amsterdam
 canal belt in Canal Belt in Amsterdam
 canal belt in Canal Belt in Amsterdam
 canal belt in Canal Belt in Amsterdam