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  NEMO in Amsterdam


Museumin Amsterdam2 hoursÄ 13,50
'Superb interactive museum about science.'
Superb museum about science, that excels in bringing difficult subjects simple. The visitor may get to try a lot. This is very suitable for children and adults also.
- vert suitable for children
- visitor does a lot themselves
- bright and fun explanation of difficult subjects
- can sometimes be too busy
Our review of NEMO

Science is fun in Nemo

Nemo is a certainly not boring museum about science. Think of physics, chemistry and biology. There are several different areas where scientific topics are explained in an easily understandable way. Often you have to do something or there are movies shown. You will find more than enough topics. We call: doing all kinds of experiments yourself, the creation of the universe, history of electricity, but also the subject sex is discussed. Enough diversity so.

Very suitable for children

Nemo is by the interactive design very suitable for children but for adults too. You could be busy like a whole afternoon. You begin downstairs, where the topics are relatively simple. As self playing with soap. Every time you go up one floor, the topics seem to be less easy. The museum excels in telling a topic in an original way. The visitor can also join themselves or things really try.

Beautiful and large terrace

Nemo is located in a very striking building on the IJ, near the Central Station. The building is built on the IJ-tunnel. Cars are driving under the museum. You donít suffer from that. The sloping roof is a great terrace to sit on. You have a nice view of Amsterdam. The access to the terrace is free, even if you dont have a ticket for the museum. Remember that Nemo can be busy, for example in the school holidays.
Facts of NEMO
  (Very good)      4/5
Duration of visit
2 hours
English, Dutch
Ä 13,50
Degree of crowds
Amount of visitors
503.000 (2011)
Opening days
Tuesday till Sunday. Closed on 1 January, 30 april and 25 december.
Opening hours
Oosterdok 2
0031 (0)20 5313233
  NEMO in Amsterdam
  NEMO in Amsterdam
  NEMO in Amsterdam