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  EYE in Amsterdam


Museumin Amsterdam45 minutesFree
'Institute on film, set in phenomenal lined building.'
EYE is a film institute. Housed in a building shaped phenomenal, definitely worth a visit inside. In terms of information about film, EYE has little to offer for the ordinary citizen.
- phenomenal shaped building
- less information about movies
Our review of EYE

A 5 minutes travel with the ferry and you're there

The EYE Movie Museum of Amsterdam has moved to Amsterdam Noord. You should just take the ferry across the IJ from Amsterdam Central Station. From the quay at the ferry you will see the very futuristic building. We think it is phenomenal, but that is a matter of taste.

EYE is no film museum

EYE is the Film Institute of the Netherlands. Previously it was also called the Filmmuseum. Inside there are 4 cinemas, an exhibition room and free accessible basement, also called the Basement. In the Basement you can view clips of countless movies free. Nice thing to do. We actually had some more information on film expected. For example, an exhibition on the history of film. But something like that, you will not find at EYE.

Artistic exhibition

The exhibition space at the time of our visit was filled with the exhibition "Found Footage". Old film clips get a new meaning by edting them. The experience is quite artistic and did not convince us. A vague happen. It seems as though EYE for a highly skilled artistic elite, not for the ordinary man or woman.

EYE building is worth a visit

The building itself is both outside and inside very impressive and worth a visit. And it's free. In terms of information about the film is disappointing.
Facts of EYE
  (Fair)      2/5
Duration of visit
45 minutes
English, Dutch
Degree of crowds
Amount of visitors
250.000 (2012)
Opening days
Every day
Opening hours
10am - till last performance (Basement till 6pm)
IJpromenade 1
+ 31 (0)20 5891400
  EYE in Amsterdam
  EYE in Amsterdam
  EYE in Amsterdam