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  Koninklijk Paleis in Amsterdam

Koninklijk Paleis  (Royal Palace)

Buildingin Amsterdam60 minutes 10,00
'The old town hall of Amsterdam. Since 1808 a Royal Palace.'
The Town Hall from the 17th century is now a palace. And, as a palace being, disappointing. It is too small. As a former city hall impressive enough to look inside. Excellent audio tour.
- as a former city hall quite impressive
- excellent audio tour
- as a palace too small and disappointing
Our review of Koninklijk Paleis

The old town hall of Amsterdam

Perhaps a disappointing size for a palace, but in 1665 this building became the new town hall of Amsterdam. Netherlands stood on the top of her wealth and that radiates from the building. At the time, this was a very impressive City Hall. For example, the Civil Chamber for that time was enormous.

In 1800 it became a Palace City Hall

The brother of the French Emperor Napoleon was King of Netherlands around 1800 and took the former Town Hall in use as a Palace. Hence the current name: Royal Palace. The building is still used by the Royal family and since a few years open to the public. During a visit it is therefore advisable to see the building as the City Hall from the 17th century and not as a Palace. Because of the designation 'Palace' the building is really too small and disappointing.

Impressive public room

You see all sorts of richly decorated rooms where, for example mayors and judges were having meetings or where justice was.The audio tour is a must and also free. You get excellent concise information.

Nice, but not impressive

It's nice to see the Royal Palace also from within. A visit will not be very overwhelming, but the building offers enough to walk out satisfied again.
Facts of Koninklijk Paleis
  (Good)      3/5
Duration of visit
60 minutes
English, Dutch
Free with
Degree of crowds
Amount of visitors
158.000 (2012)
Opening days
Every day. Sometimes closed. Check the website
Opening hours
11am - 5pm.
+31 (0)20 6204060
  Koninklijk Paleis in Amsterdam
  Koninklijk Paleis in Amsterdam