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  Het Grachtenhuis in Amsterdam

Het Grachtenhuis 

Museumin Amsterdam45 minutesÄ 12,00
'History of the canals. Visually attractive exhibition.'
Museum that explaines the history of the canals. Housed in a beautiful 17th century building. Uses new visual technologies. Entertaining.
- information visually attractive
- entertaining museum
- not really a museum, more a history show
- a high admission price
Our review of Het Grachtenhuis

History of the canals

The Grachtenhuis is located in a beautiful 17th century canal house and tells the history of the canals. The canals from the 17th century has recently been on the UNESCO heritage list.

Exhibition in five rooms

On the ground floor of het Grachtenhuis are a number of rooms, which are returned as much as possible in original state. At the time of our visit, the rooms were not decorated. This is the intention. Then you walk in a group up and visit five rooms in the building, under the guidance of a museum staff. In each of these five rooms you get a certain aspect of the history of the canal to see.

Visually attractive exhibition

In the Canal House is using new techniques such as holograms and projections of images on models. In this way you will get a very good picture of the advent of canals, brought visually appealing.

You don't decide your own pace

In traditional museums you decide you own pace and the things you may or may not want to watch. In het Grachtenhuis, the pace and the things that you see is determined by the museum itself. You have little to do. You like of donít like this different way of information-transfer. The museum is very informative and entertaining. The visit to the last room is a bit disappointing and therefore you will leave the museum is not entirely convinced.
Facts of Het Grachtenhuis
  (Good)      3/5
Duration of visit
45 minutes
English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese
Ä 12,00
Degree of crowds
Amount of visitors
no data 
Opening days
Tuesday till sunday
Opening hours
10am - 5pm
Herengracht 386
+31 (0)20 421 1656