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  Boat Trip in Amsterdam

Boat Trip  (Rondvaart)

Activity/Tourin Amsterdam75 minutes 10,00
'Boat trip through the canals in Amsterdam unique experience.'
Unique experience Amsterdam from the water view. Also convenient to see the city in a short time (about 75 minutes) with concise explanations in several languages.
- unique experience
- quick way to view the entire city
- sometimes impersonal atmosphere on board
Our review of Boat Trip

Unique experience

A canal cruise is the fastest way to see the city. It remains a unique experience to sail through the canals of Amsterdam and see the city from the low water. Also in the evening, as the city is nicely lit, you have nice views.

You see the entire city quickly

The shorter cruises take around 1 a 1.5 hours and that is sufficient for most people. There is usually a sound band plays in different languages and you get concise information about the sights you see along the way. This does what impersonal and sometimes clumsy to because the attraction almost over you when you go to the last language on the tape listening. Often you will be asked to tip at the end yet. Completely not obligatory in Netherlands.

Enough starting points throughout the city over

A cruise through the canals in Amsterdam is a unique experience, which is definitely recommended. A very busy boat, not a good atmosphere and unfriendly staff however, spoil the experience considerably. But usually this is not the case. The four star rating is for a well-executed round trip. Most boats leave near the Central Station. But also from the Damrak, Heineken Experience and Rijksmuseum.
Facts of Boat Trip
  (Very good)      4/5
Duration of visit
75 minutes
English, German, French, Dutch
Free with
Discount with
Degree of crowds
Amount of visitors
3.195.000 (2011)
Opening days
Every day
Opening hours
  Boat Trip in Amsterdam