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 entrance of Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam

Stedelijk museum 

Museumin Amsterdam2 hours 15,00
'For modern art, you go to this excellent museum.'
Modern art from 1900 in this excellent museum. The diverse collection has his home in a controversial building.
- varied and interesting collection
- signposts could be better
Our review of Stedelijk museum
Beautiful collection of modern art
The Stedelijk Museum displays contemporary art from the 20th century. The museum has a large and beautiful collection. With enough sounding names such as Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, Mondrian and Andy Warhol.

New construction is called 'the badkuip'
The Stedelijk Museum was recently renovated and has a state of the art construction, which is a reason for some discussion. One think it is incredibly beautiful, while others find it ugly. The modern construction provides the connection to the NOW with the original old building. In this modern area you will also find the entrance on the Museumplein.

Beautiful collection
The beautiful collection has a alternately set-up, so that the visitor continues to hold his attention. The excellent audio tour is a very nice addition to your visit. There are many modern works that impress. Also some works of art that you will think: 'I can do that myself...'. In addition, there is a design exhibition with chairs, audio equipment, tableware, posters etc. This is very nice area to walk through.

One of the better museums
The signposts could be clearer here and there. Finding the toilet was just a search task. After many years of renovation, the Stedelijk museum is entirely back for anyone with any interest in modern art. One of the better museums of Amsterdam.
Facts of Stedelijk museum
  (Very good)      4/5
Duration of visit
2 hours
English, Dutch
Degree of crowds
Amount of visitors
1.000.000 (2013)
Opening days
Every day
Opening hours
10am - 6pm. Thursday 10am -10pm
Museumplein 10
+31 (0) 20 5732 911
 mens en dier van Karel Appel in Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam
 hall in  Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam
 collection designchairs in Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam
 peinture a haute tension van Martial Raysse Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam